Today we would like to introduce a small change to all of our fans and people who are interested in Vietnam. We decided that from now on and once in a while we will add articles in English for our non-French speaking community. Even if you do not speak French, you probably know by now that we are all about traveling to this beautiful pearl in Southeast Asia. Vietnam has a lot to offer and is far more than you probably think. Underestimating Vietnam is sadly not rare, and we would like to change that. It is somewhat the same with the Ramses Book kostenlos spielen und Freispiele kassieren. There are a lot of reasons why you should visit Vietnam and after reading our first page published in English why you should go on this adventurous trip to Asia you can take a look at our pictures, because pictures speak volumes, don’t they? When you think about Vietnam you probably think about a poor country that suffered from a terrible war somewhere in Asia. As a matter of fact, nothing could be further from the real Vietnam. You don’t even have to dig beneath the surface to get attracted to this country. That is something the Ramses Book kostenlos spielen und Freispiele kassieren have in common with Vietnam. If you like breathtaking beautiful beaches with a stunning landscape, that includes majestic rocks deep into the ocean, then you don’t want to miss what Vietnam has to offer. We are talking crystal clear white beaches with deep blue water as far as you can see and that is more or less a secret about Vietnam not too many tourists know about. We have travel packages on offer that will bring you to the whitest beaches you have ever seen and won’t disappoint you. The landscape of Vietnam is very diverse, there are beaches in the south, hills and mountains in the center and north and the environment changes from tropical palm trees to jungle hills with rice paddies in between. Such diversity can not only be found as well at Ramses Book kostenlos spielen und Freispiele kassieren, it also very typical for Southeast Asia and Vietnam in particular. We have to point out, however, that Vietnam is heavily affected by the so-called monsoon rain and therefore cannot be visited all year long. But don’t worry, we know exactly when the best time to visit Vietnam with lots and lots of sun comes around. Another reason why you should definitely visit Vietnam is the culture and most of all the food. Vietnamese food is always freshly prepared and contains a lot of healthy ingredients like vegetables, rice, and fruits. Just like the Ramses Book kostenlos spielen und Freispiele kassieren, it can be very spicy though. Rest assured, should you decide to book your Vietnam travel experience with us, we will make sure that you will meet the real authentic Vietnamese kitchen without too many fiery spices. Follow us now and get a deeper look into Vietnam with our regularly appearing English articles and visit Vietnam to see for yourself what we are talking about.